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    Spiderwize Lawrence Bell - Press Coverage in the Manchester Evening News

    Date Posted: 18/02/2016 | Category:

    Spiderwize Lawrence Bell - Press Coverage in the Manchester Evening News

    Getting the local press involved when you are a self-published author is definitely worthwhile.

    Lawrence Bell is interviewed by the Manchester Evening News about his memorable clients and stories that inspired him to write Shiny Scissors.

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    I never once considered myself a writer... but I always told a good tale.
    I'm more of a listener really, it sort of goes with my job. Being a barber does give you a great insight into people's lives, and dealing with an assortment of different people every day means that you get the happy tales and the sad.
    One day, a long-standing customer of mine who had worked as a narrator for the BBC for many years told me quite seriously to write a book. 

    ‘I really look forward to your stories’ he told me and that somehow 'lit the fire'.

    One afternoon I sat down with my laptop and I thought to myself...'well here we go, nothing ventured and etc...' I felt that I could write a tale and take it anywhere I wanted. In my mind, I was a 'voyeur' who watched and observed things that were happening and then I simply wrote what I'd seen down on paper. (Well, on screen really). I had the memories and the recollections, along with the intrigue and the many fascinating tales. 

    As has often been said... 'There's nothing stranger than folk'.
    I’ll always remember a man who for twenty years had lived only a few hundred from the son he'd lost as a child, and neither of them ever knew. For years they'd walked past each other in the street and had never known each other...until it was too late. 
    I once knew a customer who fell in love and married a woman, and then one month later they discovered that they were both multimillionaires.
    There was also the day when a convicted murderer walked into my shop, only to tell me about the 'real crime' that he'd committed. That crime turned out to be the murder that the police had totally missed.
    It's an almost certainty that most people probably have a tale that should be heard, and as the barber, I suppose I'm there to listen. Sometimes it's the simplest tale that's the most fascinating, everyday lives...everyday lives that have been affected by war or divorce, or alcohol and gambling. Life certainly is a tapestry.
    To the future... I'm currently writing quite an expansive novel that I'm quite excited about.
    It will take me the best part of a year to finish. But if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
    I have to agree with the previous month's author who stated that she may have been just 'Joe Bloggs' but Spiderwize treated her like J.K. Rowling. The Spiderwize team helped me enormously in publishing my first book Shiny Scissors. They worked with me every step of the way and in a most constructive and helpful manner. Thanks to their positive advice, I felt that I wrote a better book.

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