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    A Discerning Woman's Guide To Manhunting

    Spiderwize UK - A Discerning Woman's Guide To Manhunting

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIROBERTS
    ISBN: 9781907294334
    Author: Bel Roberts


    At last, a novel a generation has been waiting for—a Bridget Jones’s Diary for the mature romantic!

    Geri Jones, though old enough to be Bridget’s mother, gets a buzz from attending university lectures, while keeping an eye out for that elusive Mr Right. Her best friend has just bagged her man, while her college mate, Gloria, is about to cremate hers. Competition for men is stiff, the outcome often an anti-climax, but Geri persists. Does her barbed tongue disguise a soft heart worth saving? Who is brave enough to find out? Her attempts to find happiness via personal ads, introduction agencies and cyber-dating prove unsuccessful, but she garners enough information about middle aged men to write a thesis on them! Her refreshing honesty and dauntless courage prove that she empathises with all women, everywhere.

    'This is a delightful and very funny book about a deeply believable, very loveable woman who fights a splendid battle against ageist and sexual stereotypes. It will give the over-fifties a lot of laughs, a few tears and some real hope.’—David Nobbs, TV scriptwriter and author and creator of legendary character Reginald Perrin.

     ‘Great fun for the over-fifties’—Charles Muller, Diadem Books.


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