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    Beyond the Grave

    Spiderwize UK - Beyond the Grave

    Price: £7.99
    Category: Action Adventure
    ISBN: 9781911596011
    Author: David Spielmann


    “Talk about Doctor flipping Whatsit and his flying phone box. That’s only fiction. We’re in this for real here mate.”

    Dave and Martha are a perfect couple. There’s only one problem though: they are separated by 125 years. It’s the long hot summer of 1976. Dave – single, ex-military, fed up with his life – sets out for a much needed holiday in the West Country. At the last minute he’s joined by his best friend, Mike, who has managed to lose his job and his girlfriend on the same day.

    Driving through the night they hit an impenetrable fog bank and when the fog clears the next morning, they find themselves back in 1851. That’s when Dave meets Martha.

    This is a time-slip romance of immense charm that takes a darker and more mysterious turn when tragedy strikes and Dave finds himself in 1977, 126 years away from the woman he loves.

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