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    Meet The Kings

    Spiderwize UK - Meet The Kings

    Price: £6.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPISMITH
    ISBN: 9781911113096
    Author: E Smith


    One family − three generations, each hiding a family secret.

    Emma King: Wife, Mother and bored to death receptionist.

    Secrets and unexplained events turn Emma into a meddling super-sleuth. With a fast growing talent in accusing the innocent, Emma fails to spot a life threatening situation unfolding around her.

    Her husband Paul – a quick witted ‘accident prone’ construction worker has sustained as many injuries as his wife’s faux pas. It’s no accident, but a concealment that’s about to tip the family over the edge.

    Jake: her 17-year-old son, struggling in school and nothing to aim for, discovers that all knowledge of his grandfather’s legendary past has been kept from him. But why?

    Maureen: the fiendishly clever matriarch of the family forms an ingenious plan to support her grandson. But she too has secrets. Someone is siphoning her life savings. But who?

    Dark clouds are about to descend on the Kings’ household.

    Only one family member can save the day but he’s been dead for years!



    An imaginative well-written story chronicling the modern day obsession with gadgets, trivia, slang and celebrity. If you are attracted to a dysfunctional family and their shallow friends who court disasters and inevitably suffer them, you will want to meet the Kings. But probably, you would not want them as near neighbours.

    james, 3/5

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