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    Marketing Tips For Self Published Authors

    Spiderwize can offer a variety of marketing opportunities. Although being a self published author means most of the marketing has to come from you we can certainly give you a push in the right direction:

    For all our tips and ideas download our Marketing Guide.

    Social Media

    When your book launches we will promote it to our followers on both Facebook and Twitter, we will also offer a competition for 5 lucky customers to win a copy of your book. When we send the books out we invite the customer to leave a book review on either Amazon or the Spiderwize Bookshop.


    We will tell all of our subscribers that the book is now available and ready to buy; our Bookshop Newsletter is sent to targeted fellow authors so all will be interested in our latest releases.

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    Author Copies

    We can provide a fast and efficient printing service for any additional author copies you may require. Any additional copies can be ordered through our publishing assistants. We use the best in digital print technology; with no minimum order quantities we can fulfil orders of 1 to 1000.

    Bookmarks/Flyers/Business Cards/Posters

    Again using the same digital printing technology we can design and provide you with all the promotional material you might need. This will of course be designed with your book cover in mind and we will ensure it fits with the author brand you are trying to build.

    Book Trailer

    Keep up with this latest marketing trend and let our in-house animator create you an eye-catching breathtaking book trailer video. We offer a variety of book trailer lengths and services. These must see videos can then be used on your author website and social media outlets! The possibilities are endless.

    Author Website

    Creating that author brand is key; it is what will establish you with your peers and fellow authors. A website gives you an outlet to not only sell your book but to sell yourself. It is a way for potential customers or press contacts to get in touch, it is a place for you to display reviews and a place to have links to your social media profiles.

    To make this process as straightforward as possible we have a selection of website themes for you to pick from, you can then add content, links, pictures etc.

    This is a bit of a no brainer really! With the way the internet is these days the first thing someone wanting to find out about you or your book will do is search on Google, so why not have a great website waiting to be found!

    More information about Author Websites can be found on our website or by getting in touch with one of our publishing assistants on 01733 898103.

    And finally networking!!

    With over 200 other self published authors under our wing, 2016 will be the year we offer a way for you all to network together, self promote and discuss all things self publishing.

    At Spiderwize we work closely with the UK's leading book PR specialist for Authors and Publishers PR For Books. PR For Books are industry leaders in book PR and they offer fantastic press coverage for your book.

    Many authors struggle with the marketing side of things, so your book has been proof read, edited, the cover has been designed, the manuscript has been formatted and the final proof has been approved and printed to the highest of standard, then the questions comes "what do I do with my book now? How do I make it sell?"

    It is at this point that PR for Books steps into help; at Spiderwize we will prepare an advanced information sheet about your book including some information about the author, the plot, the price etc. This information is then passed over to PR for Books who prepare a press release to send out to specifically targeted contacts.

    PR for Books

    PR for Books have the world's largest and most up to date media database at their disposal with over 1.7M media contacts worldwide and 175,000 in the UK alone. For as little as £195 for a UK Campaign and £295 for a global campaign it really does give you that marketing leg up needed to get sales going.

    Your PR campaign will last for three months and two press releases will be sent in this time, any leads generated from the campaigns will be directed to you personally so you can start to build up your own relationships with media contacts.

    This is such a simple and more importantly effective way to get reviews, sales, and press time for your book.

    If you would like Spiderwize to arrange your press campaign through PR for Books please do get in touch with us.

    For more information on PR for Books please visit their website


    Cameron Publicity & Marketing

    Adding to our list of marketing partners is Cameron Publicity and Marketing. Their founder, Ben Cameron, has over 20 years of experience in book promotion, publishing and sales with both traditional publishers and self-published authors. In 2006 he created Cameron Publicity & Marketing to offer to all authors the same marketing services that large publishers benefit from. Ben and his team have worked on hundreds of campaigns for everyone from big publishers to independent authors and on pretty much every subject imaginable. They are book publicists with creativity and experience.

    Cameron Marketing
    • Over 20 years of experience in book promotion, publishing and sales with both traditional publishers and self published authors.
    • Your book will be presented to television, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media professionals in the UK, Republic of Ireland and worldwide.
    • Your book will be read and specific campaigns will be tailored for optimal results.
    • Creatively tailored promotional campaigns for non-fiction books, novels and children's books to reach book reviewers, feature writers, journalists, producers and editors.
    • Additional book marketing services to help you run your own promotional campaign, including social media, trailers, press releases, covers, NetGalley listings and more.