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    Book Layouts

    Every book has a personality, typesetting helps gives your manuscript that initial impact. A professional look with fonts and layouts which reflect the tone of the book is the best way to get a good first impression.

    We take care of aspects such as margins, headers and footers, page numbers and contents, image placement and fonts among many more. We choose layouts which complement the content and feel of the book.

    See below for some of our templates:

    Adult Fiction / Non Fiction

    Template: Alice
    Fonts: Cataneo, Caslon
    Template: Last Day
    Fonts: Times New Roman
    Template: Mother
    Fonts: Casque, Palatino
    Template: New Girl
    Fonts: Garamond

    Include Images

    Template: Chapter End
    Template: Full Bleed
    Template: Grouped
    Template: Within Text


    Template: Modern
    Fonts: Calibri
    Template: Stylish
    Fonts: Calibri
    Template: Traditional
    Fonts: Minion Pro

    Young Adults

    Template: Chic
    Fonts: Bellrose, Calibri
    Template: New Kid
    Fonts: Beautiful Every Time, Myriad Pro


    Template: Magical
    Fonts: Alice in Wonderland, Minion Pro
    Template: School Days
    Fonts: Bedrock, Myriad Pro


    Template: Peek
    Fonts: Beautiful Every Time, Gill Sans
    Template: Rag Doll
    Fonts: Hand Scribble Sketch Times
    Template: Simple
    Fonts: Beautiful Every Time, Gill Sans
    Template: Bubble
    Fonts: Hand Scribble Sketch Times

    Seen a layout you like? Get in touch and reference the template name when you enquire. We'll be happy to apply any style to your book.