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    Blood Group: How The Secrets It Contains Can Change Your Life

    Spiderwize UK - Blood Group: How The Secrets It Contains Can Change Your Life

    Price: £24.99
    Category: Health and Lifestyle
    Book Code: SPIWALLACE
    ISBN: 9781911596073
    Author: Clare-Marie Wallace-Chapman


    This self help book offers an introduction into the fascinating study of our blood groups A B O and AB, especially in relation to our personality. The secret code they contain may never be fully deciphered or understood, but enough has been revealed to enrich us with a greater insight into how our blood group directs our path.

    Clare-Marie is a third generation published author and second generation Health Practitioner. Her experience and qualification in teaching ideally places her in bringing to the page both her knowledge and experience.

    Through reading this book you will learn about:

    • Which foods best support your health.

    • Each blood groups main characteristics.

    • The most appropriate exercise programme for you.

    • How and why you respond to stress.

    • Blood group compatibilities.

    • Colour-Coded Food Charts for Easy Reference.

    • Ideal food combinations.

    • The healing power of raw juices.

    • Colonic health.

    • The Wheatgrass phenomena

    • The acid/alkali balance.

    • The miracle of Sprouting.

    • The Starch/Saccharide Theory.

    • The importance of distilled water.

    • The therapeutic value of pure organic Apple Cider Vinegar....and much more...

    Clare-Marie has been a life-long student of natural approaches to improved health and longevity. Her main interest has been the body’s relationship with the foods introduced to it through our daily diet. Food will sustain the life of the body, but will it contribute to its health, boost the immune system and postpone the outer and inner signs of age? Here she shares with us some of her findings.

    Clare-Marie has written and displayed her book always with the thought in mind that to many of her readers, much of its content will be quite ground breaking in its revelations, every attempt therefore has been made to present her knowledge in a “user friendly” way; the proof of the pudding is in the eating; it is earnestly hoped the “eating” will prove to be enjoyable...



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