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    Breaking Free... for people like me

    Spiderwize UK - Breaking Free... for people like me

    Price: £4.99
    Category: Poetry
    Book Code: SPIWALKER
    ISBN: 9781911596226
    Author: Susan Walker


    This was written about experiences in my life, which I hope others can relate to.

    Poetry, straight from the heart, some written at the lowest times of my life.. It’s not easy to ‘Break Free’, and sometimes it’s a constant uphill struggle, but it is possible. Nobody can see depression, but nevertheless it is an illness, and often a constant battle.. Life is not perfect, but can be whatever we want it to be.

    Loved this book , very relatable and makes u realise there are other people that have gone through similar experiences. It's like having a friend tell you it's alright! Lovely poetry too . Well written book x

    Farideh Clifford, 5/5

    This book is very good and deserves recognition so many people can relate to it

    Lucy Glover, 5/5

    I found this book interesting and thought provoking. After suffering episodes of depresssion myself , it was written with true raw emotion and I was able to empathasise with the author. Although depression is very different for each sufferer, I was able to relate to the content. Well worthy of a read and a re-read! The poetry is beautifully written.

    Heather Swallow, 5/5

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