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    Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas

    Spiderwize UK - Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPICARTNER
    ISBN: 9781911596349
    Author: N. J. Cartner


    Ricky Lever’s life is thrown into despair following the break up of his long-term relationship, and with it comes the realisation that life is in danger of passing him by. Desperate for answers, he embarks on a soul-searching trip to Las Vegas with three of his oldest friends, hoping that a new direction in life will be revealed to him.

    In the midst of the excitement, madness and ecstasy of the city’s atmosphere, life changing revelations prove to be a little harder to come by than Ricky hoped, and he is pushed to take the ultimate gamble.

    Bringing the city of Las Vegas to life with a killer soundtrack running throughout, this uniquely told coming of age story twists and turns through euphoric highs and emotive lows.

    From excessive gambling to heavy drinking, strip clubs to the desert, the biggest hotels to the lowliest bars, ride along for the trip of a lifetime as these four ordinary lads from Manchester make the most of the extraordinary world of Las Vegas.

    Seen through the eyes of Ricky, ‘Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas’ is a hilarious, honest, and emotional journey showing how six nights in Sin City can influence a man at a crossroads in life.

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