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    Spiderwize UK - Rosscape

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Cooking and Food
    Book Code: SPITHOMPSON6
    ISBN: 9781911596363
    Author: Elisabeth Thompson


    The Rosscape file was growing and her plan to save Lynsey was beginning to take shape. This time she discussed it with no-one …not even Bee’.

    Jinty Moss has forty-eight hours in which to save her cousin from a disastrous marriage. She arrives in Linchester on the day of the wedding prepared to give evidence against Ross, but will she get to the ceremony in time?

    Meanwhile Ian and Pippa Chisholm are coming to terms with the fact that their daughter will never be able to go travelling alone and in Upfordham, Thyme Driver has a dilemma. Whatever she decides, there could be devastating consequences.

    “A skilfully interwoven, heartfelt and fastpaced story of love and betrayal – with an unexpected outcome.” - A.E

    “Elisabeth Thompson has produced an enjoyable and intriguing read featuring a host of new characters as well as some of those already familiar to her readers.” - R.L.

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