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    Sarina's Smith

    Spiderwize UK - Sarina's Smith

    Price: £6.99
    Category: Fantasy
    Book Code: SPIHAMBLETON2
    ISBN: 9781911596202
    Author: Bob Hambleton


    The ‘Sarina’ saga continues with a story of young love amid a community ravaged by terrifying oppression.Jaxaal Norland’s best friend Rydall hopes to be accepted as an apprentice smith.

    Arriving at the Cordale Complex, Rydall nds love but discovers a community oppressed by a terrifying band of renegades.

    Resolving to correct the injustices, he enlists the help of the complex’s apprentices.

    They succeed in changing the situation - for the worse. Then Jaxaal, Sarina and a group of trainee Guardians arrive and a solution to the problem is attempted.

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    Title: Sarina's Challenge
    Price: £6.99

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