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    A True Fisherman's Tail

    Spiderwize UK - A True Fisherman's Tail

    Price: £13.99
    Category: Health and Lifestyle
    Book Code: SPILYNCH
    ISBN: 978-1-911596-58-5
    Author: J. Keith Lynch


    Accounts of fish successfully landed, fish hooked and lost, fish released to fight another day, the pleasures of the environment in which the angler finds themselves, the diversity of wildlife, locations and fishing venues unsurpassed in beauty, and breathtaking landscapes.

    The objective? To share some of my favourite and most memorable angling experiences with readers, in the hope that these accounts will trigger your own memories and bring back some of your unforgettable moments.  This, in my opinion, is what angling is all about – enjoyment, camaraderie, sharing and experiencing some of the better things in life.

    “There’s more to fishing than catching fish”

    A lifetime of fishing for salmon and trout beautifully told. An excellent read. I would thoroughly recommend Keith's collection of angling tales to anyone who enjoys a day out on the water.

    Bill Hunter, /5

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