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    Along Came the Spider

    Spiderwize UK - Along Came the Spider

    Price: £10.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIMCINTOSH
    ISBN: 9781911596424
    Author: Alice McIntosh


    Three diverse sisters learn that they have unexpectedly been left a considerable ancient property.

    They are very excited – but Kate who is psychic, worries about aspects of the Will. Why does it state that they have to live together in the house for three months or nobody will inherit? Why do they have to start living in the house before the end of the year? Why does it feel they are being manipulated?

    Kate’s sisters are prepared to do anything asked of them to inherit; Kate is reluctant. Her sisters say she is selfish; what can go wrong in such a brief time? What indeed!

    It’s winter in the 1950s and the horrors of the Second World War are gradually becoming history, along with many of its restrictions.

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