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    Beyond Dark Matter

    Spiderwize UK - Beyond Dark Matter

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIBERNARD
    ISBN: 978-1-912694-34-1
    Author: Robert Bernard


    Life in the little but proud mining village of Bowhill was more or less mundane, but nonetheless fiery at times, like during a Friday night jaunt to the local bars. Some would call the miners mean, but really it was funny mining banter; their main concerns were paying the rent, putting clothes on their backs and providing three meals a day. Little did they know, or would ever be aware, that their existence was very important to the survival of the planet. On board the gigantic Asubian vessel, burning in the depth of my soul was the longing to be on the Earth. And yet, I felt as though I belonged here on this artificial but living moon, built thousands of years ago, with its self-being and self-repairing system that still looked brand new, as if it had just come out of the showroom. This entity even designed and made its own components and had full autonomy of its own self-protective, evasive and attack systems. The Asubians say it will be here for eternity. Eternity is a long time. My father once said, “If it starts, it ends,” a concept that I am happy to believe in. Nothing is forever. It was as simple as that. That was before I was introduced to the Asubians.

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