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    Creatio Ex Nihilo

    Spiderwize UK - Creatio Ex Nihilo

    Price: £6.99
    Category: Poetry
    Book Code: SPIADEGBITE
    ISBN: 9781911113843
    Author: Opefoluwa Sarah Adegbite


    “Who are you to be wiping your speech on the underside of our society? Curling your chattering teeth into our politics?”

    Opefoluwa Sarah Adegbite’s debut collection of poetry is here to ravage the social norms of society and bare teeth to the giants of conformity and regulation. Rising from the depths of a young, teenage heart, and inspired by the Bible, it couples youth with age, hope with loss, joy with sorrow. Containing poems covering a breadth of subject: from ocean pollution to the economic problems in Nigeria, from grandmothers to the creation of the universe, poems in this collection are sure to ignite a soaring generation. Infused with Christian allegory and symbolism, each line, each metaphor, each simile, serves to reawaken the spiritual grasp buried deep within, reveal a hope found in no one but God.

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