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    Cross Purposes

    Spiderwize UK - Cross Purposes

    Price: £5.99
    Category: Short Stories
    Book Code: SPIANDREWS
    ISBN: 9781911596615
    Author: Celia Andrews


    Life as a journalist/vicar’s wife directly inspired the author’s first three books: Cinderella & the Three Wise Men, Accidents Waiting and Press Ganged.

    This time, in a series of short stories, the focus moves to the possible secret background dramas of the people she – and probably all her readers – meet or bump into in everyday life.

    And this time, the inspiration behind the fiction? The litter and recycling bins outside houses on the day hers are collected: Tuesdays.

    'Press Ganged: A lively and, one suspects, only lightly fictionalised account of life as a young newspaper reporter helps to bring that 60s world into sharp focus.’

    Western Daily Press.

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