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    Hang Time

    Spiderwize UK - Hang Time

    Price: £12.99
    Category: Health and Lifestyle
    ISBN: 978-1-911596-99-8
    Author: Gavin Watterson


    STEP THINGS UP WITH HANG TIME From the author that brought you the incredible accelerated FAT LOSS program Ripped in 28 Days • 28 Day: Suspension Training and Nutrient Timing System • Progressive Exercise Variations • 5 Exercises per workout • 5 sets (of 5 exercises) utilizing a variety of OVERLOAD principles • 7 x Different phases over 28 DAYS • Determine your personal intake of Proteins, Carbs and Fats • Home recipe for a “THERMIC-T” to BOOST your Metabolism “Workouts are deceptively progressive, by the end of it you will be considerably fitter with increased muscle and lower body-fat levels.” Train by yourself, with a partner, or in a group setting.

    “Hang Time is very clever and naturally intuitive. When I started, I hadn’t exercised in years. But that was the great thing, it takes you at any level and then progressively, and safely, builds your core strength. It reshaped every part of my body and most importantly had the long-term effect of helping fix my posture – well worth the time!”

    Matt Cullen, 5/5

    When I first read this book I have to confess to having had no real experience of this type of training. However, my years in bodybuilding have continually led me to search for ever more interesting and varied training routines, those that will offer a challenging alternative to the meat and potatoes weighted resistance workouts familiar to many of us. Hang Time has given me a insightful introduction to training with cables, Gavin makes it simple to follow and replicate, with clear instructions and high quality photos to demonstrate accurate technique and exercise form. The book is written by an author who not only understands exercise, but who also has an expert grasp on the principles of nutrition with the ability to guide you effectively through one of the trickiest and most misunderstood areas of health and fitness. Once you open this book and begin to read, it will quickly become apparent that it has been written with care and precision by an author who is thoroughly versed on his subject.

    Gavin Goodwin , /5

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