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    The Last Centurion

    Spiderwize UK - The Last Centurion

    Price: £10.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIDELLIOTT1
    ISBN: 9781908128577
    Author: Gavin Elliott


    During the turbulent chaos of the 15th century, relics and artefacts held in the Beaufort St. Vincent Abbey were spirited out of the religious order and hidden by two brothers for safe keeping. The monks that hid the items were slaughtered by unholy men, and the whereabouts of the items was lost to history. Years later, a learned researcher uncovered clues concerning the hidden treasure in the Abbey archives, but could not understand them, and on his death, his great nephew Adam inherited the knowledge, but could not make sense of it either. Following Adam’s death, the papers were finally discovered in his garden shed by Judas Wells. After years of research, Judas finds the key to unlocking this information by a fortunate fluke, and as he unravels the labyrinth of deception, he is forced to involve knowledgeable archaeologists in his findings. By enlightening these eminent men he not only challenges the accuracy of their historical books, but completely rewrites local history.

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