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    Then & Now in Bath's Chelsea Road Area

    Spiderwize UK - Then and Now in Bath's Chelsea Road Area

    Price: £9.99
    Category: Historical
    Book Code: SPIDANIELS2
    ISBN: 978-1-912694-76-1
    Author: John Daniels


    John Daniels is a hoarder of memories and records of the Chelsea Road area in which he grew up. Like many of his generation he has experienced many changes that he would like to record. We are as much shaped by the area we grew up in as we are by our families and education. The history of change in a particular area has some lessons for us all including those who no longer live there.

    A fascinating and comprehensive account of the history and development of one of Baths most charming districts. Written from the point of view of an affectionate and grateful lifelong resident. Descriptions of everyday life as well as industrial , retail and social development. . An insight into life of past generations leading up to the present day..

    Graham Padfield, 4/5

    Title: The Search for Frank Pine
    Price: £14.99

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