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    Spiderwize UK - Vetomasuri

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIAMCAVETO
    ISBN: 978-1-906352-14-1
    Author: Tony Amca


    Written in near-diary format, this is probably one of the greatest epic adventures ever told. Adapting to life in the more advanced human world of Vluvidium, Tony shares it all with the Reader, “as he lives it”, while relentlessly rising through its social ranks; propelled by fate, circumstances, and some of his “attributes” ... But more than Power and Wealth, he seeks to understand the ultimate Why of it all, without betraying his roots or allegiances. Being the only Earth people in Vluvidium, Tony is declared Earth Ambassador upon arrival, while Vera focuses on the running of their business interests. And together with MALINA, SULINA and RINI, they soon settle in VETOMASURI (their private island). But not all is as rosy as it seems... First with the discovery of the Zooni People, followed by the looming possibility of an interstellar war with the Tovians, Tony becomes a valued mediator and neutral referee in all Talks to come.

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