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    Xakatan I

    Spiderwize UK - Xakatan I

    Price: £8.99
    Category: Fiction
    Book Code: SPIAMCA
    ISBN: 9781906352011
    Author: Tony Amca


    A well educated social drop out, Pedro Bolivar became a lone fisherman who lived on a coastal shack near Recife (Brazil). Befriended by the Akazi (a small Indio tribe relocated from Amazonia to the same peninsula), he soon gained the attentions of two of their young Indio girls (Deedee and Ara). Life however was not done with Pedro and through a chance encounter, he finds himself involved in a treasure hunt that turns out to be something considerably different, but which none-the-less propels him to the very top of the world of finance, Secret Societies, Wall Street and mega deals...

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