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    Why Spiderwize

    Why Spiderwize

    Over 25 years experience in the publishing and print industry providing customers with a personal and professional service.


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    The journey can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be! Our guides are easy to follow and clearly explain every part of our service.

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    Print on Demand

    Print On Demand

    We offer an amazing print on demand distribution service, no need for keeping a large stock or expensive initial orders.

    More than 200+ books published. Spiderwize Bookshop 2019

    What Authors say?

    What Out Authors Say?

    "The Spiderwize Team helped me to bring my book to fruition. They designed the excellent cover, and then guided me through the whole process and on to print. Thank you Spiderwize. Working with you has been a pleasure."

    - Laurence Bell -

    Author of Shiny Scissors

    What Out Authors Say?

    "Previously I had experienced a somewhat rough ride when publishing my first novel, and so with my second novel completed and another publisher lined up I couldn’t help feeling pessimistically inclined. However, with all my defences in place and totally prepared for the worse, what transpired was unexpectedly marvellous. I am obliged to you all."

    - Ricky Dale -

    Author of the Limberlost Trilogy

    What Out Authors Say?

    "Having self-published several books myself from start to finish and finding it a chore, working with Spiderwize has been a revelation. Their help has been invaluable and made the whole process so much less stressful and more enjoyable. Thank you all so much for everything including making me feel like a real writer!!"

    - Elisabeth Thompson -

    Author of Forgiving Thyme

    What Out Authors Say?

    "Spiderwize does everything it says on its website, and more, quickly, professionally and in a user friendly manner. The cover design team were outstanding and the finished product excellent. All of this at an affordable price and with bags of support and advice from my production assistant to boot. Quite simply, a wonderful service from a dedicated team."

    - Andy Johnson -

    Author of Thunder in May

    What Out Authors Say?

    "I was bowled over by the exceptionally professional service offered by Spiderwize. Once I was introduced to my team, they were brilliant from start to finish. At every stage they advised and guided me to make the absolute best out of my book - not only the look of it, but the contents as well. Above all, I was impressed by the warmth of the service. The team were efficient and skilled, but they also wanted me to enjoy the experience, which I have to say I did! I just need to write another book so I can enjoy it all over again!"

    - James Clarkson -

    Author of Talking Crow

    Spiderwize UK - Keeping the Old Flag Flying

    Keeping the Old Flag Flying
    By Mike Richardson

    Spiderwize UK - Rundle the Rabbit Running Rapidly

    Rundle the Rabbit Running Rapidly
    By John Cooke

    Spiderwize UK - Bozwell The Big Red Dog

    Bozwell The Big Red Dog
    By Philip Etherton

    Spiderwize UK - Then and Now in Bath's Chelsea Road Area

    Then and Now in Bath's Chelsea Road Area
    By John Daniels

    Spiderwize UK - The Triclad

    The Triclad
    By Tony Amca

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