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    E-Book Self Publishing Package £350

    Having your book available to buy on Kindle & Apple iBooks Store has never been easier. With our E-Book package we take care of everything for you from converting your manuscript to the correct formats, to managing the royalties you earn from sales.

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    Self Publishing on Kindle made easy.

    Package Includes

    Free Evaluation

    Free Evaluation

    Our free evaluation is tailored to help authors establish what stage their book is at and which of our publishing packages would be most suitable for them. This free, no obligation evaluation is carried out by one of our highly experienced editors, who then complete a feedback form to be passed on to the author. Contained on the feedback form is the following information;

    • An overview of the plot
    • The book is given a ‘Mood’ describing how it makes the reader feel
    • Where the book is set
    • Who are the main characters
    • A description of the books target audience
    • Further notes on grammar, editing tips and much more

    If you would like to go ahead with a free evaluation please submit your manuscript to spiderwize.

    Publishing Assistant

    Personal Publishing Assistant

    Giving good customer service is an absolute must at Spiderwize, our dedicated personal publishing assistants are here to help and guide you along each step of the self publishing journey - we are available to contact via email, or by phone on 01733 898103.

    Layout & Cover Designs (2)

    Cover Designs

    Our designers will come up with a number of cover designs for you to choose from. Covers are designed based on ideas from the author, a picture within the book, the plot line or even an illustration.

    Colour Images

    Colour Images in your book

    Having colour images in your book is a personal choice, the option is here at Spiderwize for you to include as many colour images as you like, if colour images are not included in your package they can be brought as an extra. Please see our submission guidelines for preferred image file type.


    ISBN & Barcode

    The proof stage of self publishing is extremely important - it allows the author to check the work that has been carried out by the team at Spiderwize and come back to us with any suggestions, alterations or general comments. We value the proofing process highly and this is the stage that can take some time, we do not want anyone to feel rushed at this point. Depending on the package you have chosen the following types of proof are available.

    • PDF email proof (several of these can be exchanged while we iron out corrections and edits)
    • Loose leaf proof (an unbound version of your book)
    • Hard copy proof (a fully bound and printed copy of your book)
    • Final ready for publication proof (a copy of the signed off text and cover, as the book would be sold)
    EPUB File Design Time

    EPUB File Design

    Our designers will take your completed book file and make the necessary HTML code changes to make the file compatible with most ebook readers including Amazon Kindles and Apple iPads.

    1 Years E-Book Global Distribution

    E-Book Distribution

    Once we have converted your book over to an e-book, Spiderwize can distribute your book to several e-tailor sites including Amazon Kindle & Apple iBook store, it really is that simple.

    50% Royalties Paid on Sales

    50% Royalties Paid on Sales

    Earning money from a self published title has never been more rewarding, all the time and effort you put in to market your book will pay off in sales, and for each sale of your book you will earn 50% Royalties after print costs!! Now sit back and let us get the ball rolling - submit your manuscript today.


    Package Extras

    Extra Price


    At Spiderwize we have a team of typists who can take a hand written manuscript and type it up into a format our editors and designers can work with.

    Proof Reading

    Proof Reading

    This is an essential part of the self publishing process, our proof reading services can be called upon if is it not already included in your package. All grammar is checked and corrected, all spelling is checked and corrected - this makes your finished book a much more pleasant and readable experience.

    Extra Cover Designs (2) £40.00
    Distribution Advice & Marketing Pack

    Distribution Advice

    We advise you on what price to retail your book at based on its target audience and other factors, we aim to help you get as many sales for your book as possible and we are here every step of the way to help you achieve that.

    Personalised Marketing Plan

    Personalised Marketing Plan

    Authors do not have to pay the full retail price of their book if they would like to order additional copies from us; we offer authors a discounted book price, this price can be worked by your personal publishing assistant.

    Marketing Materials

    Marketing Materials

    Handing our promotional material for your book is paramount - at Spiderwize we can design and print marketing material for you specifically for your new book - available marketing material;

    100 A5 flyers
    100 A4 posters

    If marketing materials are not included in your self publishing package they can be bought at a later stage as a package extra.

    1 Years Soft/ Hard Back Book Distribution £166.00
    Extra Years E-Book Global Distribution £24.00 Per Year