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    What our Authors Say

    "Having stepped in to the world of publishing for the very first time it was an extremely daunting experience particularly given that the first two publisher we approached were simply focused on the monetary side of things and seemed inauthentic but then we came across Spiderwise and learned very quickly that there are genuine and sincere people who really care for you and your product and are there to support you every step of the way with warmth, kindness and all the knowledge and wisdom you need to get a head start in the publishing world. We are very grateful for the help of all the staff at Spiderwize and are looking forward to seeing our book hit the shelves for Christmas. I would highly recommend Spiderwise to any would-be or established publishers as a must. Also many thanks to Haylee who has been a superstar and who has held our hand and guided us superbly every step of the way."

    Antonio Moccia & Carly Jones
    The Adventures of Aydin the Alien

    "Many thanks and congratulations to the Spiderwize team for the friendly and professional way in which you fulfilled your part in the production of the final book. Allie Jones genuinely became involved in the novel and made a superb job of editing the script; you were so friendly and prompt in responding to my e-mails.

    I certainly took a 'leap' in the dark' when I chose Spiderwize from my iPad and I feel I was so fortunate. Most people are wary of unknown companies, it's so easy for false references to be shown. I now know that my feelings only echo those of other Spiderwize customers. It was lovely to hear that Allie enjoyed working on the novel, but I am only too aware of the hours that must have been spent on producing the finished book and you all deserve to be well-paid. Your company is providing a much-needed service which is only possible with modern technology and if anyone asks me, 'But how could I get my book published?' I will definitely say, 'Go to Spiderwize!'

    I am delighted with the quality of the finished book. I am so pleased I selected Spiderwize to self- publish my novel, I had wondered if it was possible to achieve what you advertised, you have certainly ticked every box and exceeded my expectations."

    Betty Goddard
    Portrait of a Family.

    Please see below the thoughts & feedback from some our current authors on how they found our publishing service:

    "The team at Spiderwize are extremely professional and do what they say on the can! The girls helped us market our very first book - we didn't have to do anything at all it was so easy. They helped with initial proof reading and overall design, transforming our words and pictures into a really professional looking product. From brilliant design we then let them use their expertise and knowledge to get us onto Amazon and Waterstones online very quickly. We had to re order some more books at short notice, to a tight deadline, and the girls fulfilled their promise even before the due date. We would recommend them highly and intend to publish another 4 books with them this year."

    The Mis Adventures of Teddy Wellington
    Muddy Wellies and the Artist

    "May I take this opportunity to thank all members of the Team at 'Spiderwize' for their assistance in helping me to publish my first book? Everyone I spoke to or dealt with throughout the whole process has been both professional and efficient; whilst remaining friendly and approachable. From the time I submitted my manuscript, to the day I received my personal copies in the post, it has been a relatively painless and enjoyable experience. You said it would all be achieved within 12 weeks, and you were true to your word. Thank you all, for helping me to achieve my dream."

    Malcolm Day
    The Making Of A 'Ginger Nut'

    "From the first moment that I approached the Spiderwize team I knew I was in safe hands. Every stage of preparing my manuscript was handled in an expert and professional manner and every member of the team are friendly and polite. Seeing my book in print was wonderful and sales are going well. I am now writing the follow up book and will certainly be looking to put it in the hands of the Spiderwize team when it is finished.

    Thank you"

    Eileen Ward
    Yon Lad Out There

    "I was bowled over by the exceptionally professional service offered by Spiderwize. Once I was introduced to my team, they were brilliant from start to finish. At every stage they advised and guided me to make the absolute best out of my book - not only the look of it, but the contents as well. Above all, I was impressed by the warmth of the service. The team were efficient and skilled, but they also wanted me to enjoy the experience, which I have to say I did! I just need to write another book so I can enjoy it all over again!"

    James Clarkson
    Talking Crow

    "I have recently engaged the services of Spiderwize Publishing to self-publish my second book, "Wild Savannah".

    My first book, my autobiography, was also published through Spiderwize in 2011, under different ownership and management. Although on this first occasion, I received very good service, I never got to meet anyone on the Spiderwize team, face to face. It seemed to be discouraged, which for me, was a disappointment; all dealings were conducted by email.

    Four years later, I was again ready to engage the services of a publisher. My first thought was Spiderwize and on contacting them, was surprised to learn of many changes. I had a long conversation with Laura Conneely, the result of which was that I was invited to attend a meeting with Laura and her team at the office in Peterborough to discuss details. In readiness for this, Laura advised me to send in the narrative of my book for the editor and proof reader Jenni to read through before the meeting.

    The meeting took place as scheduled with Laura, Camilla and Jenni. Everything about the meeting was positive, as were the attitudes of all the Spiderwize team. Having a personal meeting with the people who would be instrumental in helping me to self-publish, gave me the opportunity to ask many questions without the nagging worry that I was being a nuisance, and the confidence to know that my second publishing journey would be as trouble free as possible.

    Since contacting Spiderwize on this second occasion, I have found the staff to be friendly, knowledgable, helpful and above all, professional. My subsequent queries, whether by telephone or email have been answered fully and in a timely manner; the worries and concerns of an inexperienced author, such as myself seem to be dealt with in the same manner as they would be for someone established in the literary field.

    In conclusion, I have the utmost respect for the team at Spiderwize Publishing and thank them for their excellent service."

    Neil Robins
    Wild Savannah

    "The Spiderwize Team helped me to bring my book to fruition. They designed the excellent cover, and then guided me through the whole process and on to print. Thank you Spiderwize.'ve all been fantastic.

    I have loved this final process of the book. Everyone has been so positive.

    Working with you has been a pleasure."

    Laurence Bell
    Author of Shiny Scissors

    "Having self-published several books myself from start to finish and finding it a chore, working with Spiderwize has been a revelation. Their help has been invaluable and made the whole process so much less stressful and more enjoyable.

    Laura has provided useful tips and given me confidence in my ability as a writer. Jenni's critical analysis was much appreciated and to have Camilla design the cover, such a relief.

    The whole project has been a positive experience leading to a well-produced end result with quality printing.

    I am so pleased with everything, including the sales to date, that I am concentrating on handing over my next manuscript in the next few weeks for them to work their magic again.

    And all that is the truth.

    Thank you all so much for everything including making me feel like a real writer!!"

    Elisabeth Thompson
    Author of Forgiving Thyme

    Exceptional service we are very pleased thank you.

    "Spiderwize helped us design and publish our book, our readers love it and we give it a thumbs up too. Spiderwize will be publishing our second book. We will recommend Spiderwize as top service book designer and publisher. The quality of the book is unbelievable; they give you great value for money. The marketing plan was easy to execute and for the first time in our 10 years of trading we have a great recipe book that we can be proud of. We also had our very own publisher who uploaded our book to all the relevant book sales and distribution channel where we can continue to have continuous sales at no additional cost. Truly unbelievable, our personal designer Camilla and publishing assistant Laura will be rated 5 star for efforts, great design and the speed at which the book was taken from manuscript to market. Thank you Spiderwize and all the team for your good work. Good Job guys."

    Best wishes
    Caroline Afolalu
    Author of Beautiful Foods - The Art of African Catering

    "When I had finished writing Ribbons and Rings I looked at the manuscript thinking 'where do i go from here?' Well very fortunately for me my son discovered Spiderwize on the web and after a short phone call the unedited writing was on its way by email to Jenni. In our excitement and haste my son and I omitted to send an important middle section of the book but this was soon remedied and Laura became my personal editor. Although we have never met I immediately felt a report with her as she guided me through the process of getting my very first book published. The next excitement was choosing the cover and then the pictures beautifully done by Ali and soon after that thanks to Laura the book was finished I am a pensioner and although hot quite hopeless my internet skills do not compare with those of the average six year old and Laura understood this and was happy for my son to be involved as well.I am thrilled with the end product and my book has given me an enormous sense of achievement and with the expert help of Laura I am eagerly awaiting working with her on my sequel Riding High and when it is finished I know I ill have had the best help possible with patience and understanding from Laura."

    Emma Berry

    Book: Ribbons and Rings

    "Previously I had experienced a somewhat rough ride when publishing my first novel, and so with my second novel completed and another publisher lined up I couldn’t help feeling pessimistically inclined. However, with all my defences in place and totally prepared for the worse, what transpired was unexpectedly marvellous.

    What matters to an author is not only the final quality of the publishers handiwork, most importantly is the shared journey along the way - at least it is for me.

    From the onset of my association with SPIDERWIZE it was obvious that the aforementioned essentials were self-evident to their company. Indeed, not only did they interpret my wishes but also they were able to enhance them. I am perfectly confident that the same level of personal involvement and professional expertise would be hard to find elsewhere, mainstream or otherwise.

    In particular I am indebted to CEO Rosie Walton and her publishing assistant Laura Conneely; you combined professionalism with a tinge of ‘sisterly’ direction. It is obvious that you put hours of invaluable preparation into bringing LIMBERLOST II to fruition. I assure you that your talents really showed through, and that for me the final result was exemplary - thank you indeed.

    Finally it is undoubtedly a great comfort to know that my forthcoming novel (on schedule for November 2015) will also be destined to receive the SPIDERWIZE treatment. That reassuring thought really does help me to focus upon my work with a more pleasurable attitude.

    I am obliged to you all. "

    Ricky Dale

    Book: Limberlost II

    “Like many other authors, I felt I had written a novel worth publishing - but I was unable to find an agent or publisher willing to give me that opportunity. Finally, after many futile attempts I decided that self publishing was the answer. I looked at several companies and tried to weigh up the pros and cons of each - but I was feeling very daunted at the thought of finding my own printer, or designing my own cover.

    Purely by chance I came upon an advertisement in a magazine for Spiderwize - so I looked at their website - and how glad I am that I did! For a very reasonable fee, they took over and did everything for me. I had my own Production Assistant, Joanne, who helped me every step of the way in a friendly and approachable way. No question from me seemed too silly - she was always ready with a response. I was asked if I had any ideas for my cover, which was speedily produced and exceeded my hopes, the draft was returned to me for any corrections/changes and very soon the book was finished.

    From my initial contact to receiving my first finished copy of the book was about two months. Since then I have ordered copies to sell myself and my book is featured on all the main on-line book sellers both in the UK and the USA.

    I cannot speak highly enough of the service Spiderwize give, in a professional yet friendly way - thanks to Joanne and Angus I really feel I could not have done better. If ever I finish the next book - rest assured, I’ll be back!”

    Chris Elmes The Overcoming

    “Spiderwize does everything it says on its website, and more, quickly, professionally and in a user friendly manner. The cover design team were outstanding and the finished product excellent. All of this at an affordable price and with bags of support and advice from my production assistant to boot. Quite simply, a wonderful service from a dedicated team.”

    Andy Johnson

    “... I think Spiderwize has got the balance just about right, and getting your 200 page book published and reasonably edited, allowing the author to purchase their own copies for £3, all-in for £1000-seems a pretty exceptional deal to me...”

    A review by POD, Self-Publishing & Independent Publishing

    “I am aware that you receive many such letters of thanks for the excellent service you render to authors and would be authors. However, I wish to tell you that the journey that I have taken with you through the finalization, editing and printing of the book has been one of enjoyment, free of frustration that could so easily have made it a drag. To a very large extent, you have achieved this through your promptness and patience in dealing with every aspect of the creative process. My own ineptitude protracted the proofing stages but I received only kind and willing help in finalizing the manuscript.”

    “I collected the parcel of books from DHL at 9am this morning and am absolutely delighted with the quality of the production. I think that you achieved something extraordinary in having the books printed and delivered within seven days.”

    Gordon Fraser

    “I have enjoyed a great working relationship with Spiderwize during the publishing of the three volumes of The Darwinian Extension Trilogy. They make the daunting prospect of self publishing very straightforward. The contact personnel are with the author all the way through. I also find the cover design service one of exceptional standard and flexibility. They are an automatic choice for my current project - ‘Renewal’.”

    Hylton H. Smith

    “There is only one word to describe the overall service provided by Spiderwize and that is EXCELLENT from the start of the book process to its conclusion. I certainly would not hesitate using the service again.”

    Michael Barnes

    “Everyone, without exception, comments on the book design, the quality, the layout, the sheer pleasure to the eye of the cover design; its subtle way of working in the beige colours and the title written in various scripts and designs that appear to be there but not at first glance; so too the almost hidden image that only becomes apparent on closer examination.”

    Kenneth Webb

    “I thought writing the book was the hard bit, but trying to find a publisher was far harder! I eventually opted for the self-publishing route and after quite a lot of research settled on Spiderwize. I have absolutely no regrets about that decision as the service I received from both Angus Muller, sales and production assistant, and Joanne Moore, production assistant, was excellent. Spiderwize were extremely professional about the whole job but also happy to offer advice and direction when I asked. I found proofing a huge task and I know I was picky but I wanted it to be right and Spiderwize were patient beyond the call of duty. I was especially pleased with the art work for the cover and also the agreed page layout, font style etc. I have no hesitation in recommending Spiderwize.”

    John C Nicol

    “May I thank you for all the help you have given me in publishing the poetry I have written over the last ten years.

    For several years I had the intention of self publishing my poetry but had been deterred from this by the availability of what I perceived to be advertised publishers who were offering extremely expensive ‘packages’ that appeared to want to take control of every aspect of my work, including placing up to 500 copies in shops, for which it appeared I would get little or no financial return.

    Their costs started around £1,500 but it was obvious from small print that this was to climb as ‘extra’ services were provided. It also looked as if they would take control of my work and it would be extremely difficult for me to claim ‘ownership’ of this if I decided to move publishers at any stage.

    You can imagine my suspicion when I fell upon a publisher by browsing the net that offered an inexpensive alternative, and according to your web site, seemed to offer everything I required. To be honest, the price was within my reach and it was for this reason that I decided to place my poetry with you, still wondering if your price would increase with add-ons, and what level of service you would provide me.

    I am absolutely delighted with you and your company ‘Spiderwize,’ you have assisted me, a complete novice, every step of the way! You have tolerated my consistent editing of my work and advised me to look for things I would have otherwise missed. Having already worked on suggested covers for my book, when I decided to go with my own photography and sent you very crude ideas on layout you then turned it into a masterpiece of design.

    More importantly you have been approachable, helpful and concerned about assisting a new author to publish his work in the most professional manner possible and also have not added any ‘extra’ charges along the way. I would recommend ‘Spiderwize’ to any author who is self publishing for the first time, in this day and age it is hard to get service of this nature anywhere.

    Thanking you once again,”

    Ivor G Davies (Author of ‘Ivor’s Ramblings)

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